Sources of Crime in the United States

For somebody with little drive, no education, and bad influences, crime is the only option available to them. Unfortunately, the society we live in more than promotes crime. In reality, the best way to deal with crime is to fight poverty at its sources, but it seems the government and police are just more interested in cracking down on criminals instead of doing what really needs to be done. If you take away the need to commit crime, then it will go down. Most people steal because it is their only option, although there are just as many who do it because it is easier than going to school. However, by educating children at a young age about the right paths in life, and enabling their parents to reinforce that education, crime can greatly be alleviated.Of course, if the parents are poor, then they might steal themselves, and children will see that. More should be invested in taking people out of poverty, because by doing that, you reduce crime and other government expenses. These expenses include law enforcement costs, repairs of city property, and healthcare costs, as many thieves injure the people they steal from. While the investment does have economic benefits, the most important savings come in the form of human costs. Getting robbed is one of the worst experiences in the world, not even including what you lose. We pay taxes to live in a safe society, and it is up to the government to make sure we are safe.It is not all the government’s task, though. Every single one of us needs to take steps to reduce crime. This means lobbying against poverty and taking other kinds of action. You should also learn self-defense in the case that you personally are targeted; if you take down a criminal, they may think twice about trying something again.

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